Our Lions Club is often working with firewood.
Our club obtains wood from a variety of sources to split, dry and give out to the elderly and infirm of Tokoroa throughout the winter. ..more..


Public Access

Check the news section for current Firewood conditions. Our Twitter handle is @ForestFirewood. Small tweets are sent about dates and any changes that occur as they happen. ..more..


Access rules

Lions manage the access so that the actions of the few that led to the public losing access in the past do not happen again.

We are highly appreciative of the efforts ..more..


Pensioner's firewood

Our club maintains a list of people in Tokoroa who have a fire and who are limited in their ability to get firewood themselves through health, age or money. ..more..


Banners & Lions Printing

City Lions produces banners for other clubs (not only Lions!). Tokoroa City Lions club is registered to manufacture club banners featuring the Lions Logo (in fact we are the only organisation in NZ registered to do so). ..more..


More Lions printing

In addition to banners we are able to manufacture a wide range of signage and items for sale or use by clubs. These could include items such as Lions event signs for display at projects or golf balls for a tournament. ..more..


Candy Floss

Our pink and white candyfloss caravan was very familiar to the residents of Tokoroa over many years - appearing at most school gala days back in the times when gala days still happened. We still appear supply candy floss at the Strathmore gala every year and on occasions such as the annual Xmas parade you will see us too.


Christmas parade

Our club organises the annual Christmas parade and the Santa float in December of each year. We work in with the Ministers' Association who run the Carols in the Park event on the same day or weekend and the A&P show committee who run the A&P show.


Earlier Projects

For many years our club was building and extending the facilities at Lake Moanui. We built the retaining wall of half round logs during this period after we had developed the area beneath the dam ..more..