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My Home, My Island, My Future

Peter Boyce Heart of Borneo 1 The brief from the British High Commission was for an educational booklet to encourage an interest in conservation among Brunei students. The launch was to coincide with an international schools' conference, and followed hard upon the signing of the "Heart of Borneo" agreement. As it was to be first distributed to conference members, I aimed the language level at 17-year-old school learners.
The distribution to schools was accompanied by WWF material, and most of the concepts and photos are used with explicit WWF permission.
To boost the educational value, I wrote questions similar to O-level comprehensions, with answers available onsite to teachers - with a password!
There was a call for the message to be shared with younger students, so I rewrote the text to a level for years 10 and 11.

I created the book in "InDesign" so it went straight to the printers from my computer


My Heart, Our Heart

Boyce High Commission Brunei Heart Borneo When the High Commission called for another booklet, I proposed that it should be for years 8 and 9, and that we should have Malay versions of the text to ensure the conservation message got across, while assisting the learning of English. For this booklet I was able to use all my own photos, and created worksheets to encourage teachers to go through the concepts step by step with the classes.
The design was to be highly visual and attention-grabbing to encourage reluctant readers.
The text was paraphrased into Malay and Indonesian, and further booklets distributed to schools in Sarawak, Sabah, (Malaysian Borneo) and Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo)
I converted the text to flash versions for web delivery, allowing some user interaction.

Once more the book was created in "InDesign" so I could have complete control of the output.

HoB Interactive

Peter Boyce Brunei interactive simpur The flash-based interaction has a narrated animated introduction, after which the user can explore all the concepts of the booklet.