• What skills and personal qualities could I offer an employer?

  • Educational

    Wide fields of knowledge and the ability to communicate content and skills, structuring and simplifying where necessary.
    Skills and experience in materials writing, testing, assessment. Expertise in grammar and language analysis. Focus on accuracy.

  • Organisational

    High level of management skills and experience - supervision, training, timetabling, coordination, leadership, counselling.
    Competent analysis of organisational needs and a determination to find adequate solutions to difficulties, personal or organisational.

  • Inter-personal

    Successful experience working and interacting with a wide variety of people of different ethnic, religious and cultural origins.
    Significant experience of conflict resolution, managing staff relationships, and motivating and facilitating best practice.

  • Technological

    Experience and expertise in computing and audio-visual equipment. In computing this includes networks, databases, spreadsheets, word-processing and publishing, photo and video editing, presentation work, programming educational and animation software

  • Ethical

    I have worked in many situations where trust and confidentiality are paramount - writing and moderating national examinations, assisting staff with personal issues, assessing for national and international qualifications, managing a counselling service, as treasurer of societies.

  • Managerial

    A determinedly independent thinker and analyst, problem-solver - my management style is low-key, working for cooperation and consensus, attempting to facilitate rather than micro-manage, contributing to staff personal development.